Markus Lloyd is a speaker, writer, performer, husband, and father committed to using his passion, creativity, and magnetic leadership to weave the Body of Christ back into a unity that makes the world run to Jesus.

The ministry of Church unity and collaborative cross-cultural community engagement has been a calling on Markus’ life since his family moved to the suburbs of Houston, TX when he was three years old, where he began learning to maneuver the major cultures of Black and White (and other ethnic cultures) with a primary identity centered around His Faith and commitment to Jesus Christ.

As a creative, Markus's work in diverse cultural and ideological spaces helped him see the world and his faith from different perspectives. It was in this environment that Markus met his wife Lisa, a White woman, and the two, along with their two Biracial sons, Markus Jr. (Deuce) and Solomon, have committed themselves and their family to the work of racial reconciliation and unity in the Church.

Markus has worked in vocational ministry at churches for over 15 years. Some of his roles include Creative Director, Worship Leader, Children’s Minister, Youth Minister, and Director of External Focus. This diverse interaction with Church and community life and his degrees and concentrated studies in international studies, cultural intelligence and diversity, equity and inclusion, have given Markus a passion for Church people and Church leaders which allows him to lead a team committed to inspiring relationships, reconciliation and collaborative action amongst the diverse Body of Christ.


Markus Lloyd

Executive Director

Antwuan Malone 

Director of Communications

Keith Hileman

Director of Operations

Tara Klein



  • Larry Murray | Chairman
  • Ben Wong
  • Letesha Wheeler
  • Oscar Perez
  • Shelley Park
  • David Lawson
  • Gunny Hartman
  • Deborah Hill
  • Keith Hileman
  • Antwuan Malone


Mike Higgins | VP of Development

Markus Lloyd | Founder/President

Alice Kay | Immigration Lawyer

Antwuan Malone | Executive Director

Keith Hileman | Pastor of Discipleship

David Lawson | Senior Advisor

Juna Moore | Diversity Advocate & Talent Acquisition 

Lance Dillard | Senior Advisor