I Am Not a Woke Preacher

Written by Antwuan Malone

For the record. I reject "woke theology."

Any "theology" that centers race, gender, age or national origin as greater or less is a "me" theology, and is thus anti-God. Any centrism that is not Christo-Centrism is Me-centrism under a different name. We can call it ethnocentrism, or Christian Nationalism, or the centering of my sexual orientation or gender or anything else we might try to call it. It’s just me-ism: a centering of myself as the arbiter of, chief example for what should have value.

In these cases, it is right to preach a gospel-centered resistance and you can count mine as a critical voice against such thinking, rhetoric, and practice. If being "woke" means this, then you can still consider me fast asleep.

However, because I am Christo-centric, I do embrace Christ’s commandment to "love thy neighbor," which means I am not released from the pursuit of treating my neighbors, friends and enemies with the value God created them with and...

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