Threaded is a Gospel-based racial reconciliation, unity and community engagement organization that partners with those seeking to expand their work in and understanding of racial issues.

We believe the Bible has something significant to say about the role of God’s people in matters of justice in society and see an opportunity for God’s Church to lead as love and light in dark and divided days.

A Simple Mission & Vision

We want to inspire relationships, reconciliation and collaborative action among the diverse Body of Christ. 

We want the Body of Christ to be seen as a mesmerizing tapestry --restored to unity, displaying its dazzling colors, knitted and stitched together in purpose and love so that it captivates the world and draws them closer to the God who threaded it together.



Threaded is a resource organization. We help individuals like you bring the gospel to racial conflict through education, and training. We design tools for organizations and people like you that can be used to connect and build multiethnic relationships and collaborative opportunities for change.


We resource and educate individuals and organizations about historic and modern day issues of race and culture. 


We train individuals and organization on how to engage issues of race and culture using Christian values, gospel-centric values.


We design opportunities and tools for safe reconciliatory engagements in diverse environments.


We facilitate pathways to building multiethnic relationships and partnerships.


We connect multi-ethnic collaborations to transformational community initiatives and organizations.


This is a list of guiding principles we feel are the most important t gospel progress in conversations around racial injustice.



The eternal vision of heaven is a multi-ethnic church (Rev. 7:9-12). Jesus leads us to pray, seek, and serve for that kingdom reality on earth now as it will be in heaven (Mt. 610; Eph. 2:14-22). That is aim of our hearts and efforts together. This group is not about a church. It is about The Church, beautiful in her diversity, united in the life of her head Jesus Christ, and more exciting and satisfying than we can imagine.



There is no resurrection without a cross. No healing without addressing the pain. Vulnerability breeds vulnerability. So, in moving forward together the first steps must be in humility, with a willingness to confess how we have sinned in the area of race relations, and a readiness to share and listen to personal stories Christ is redeeming.



The Grace of Jesus Christ has been lavished upon us. Therefore we must extend it to others as we entertain this conversation. There are no tokens at the table. Everyone is welcome, and adds meaningfully to our growing understanding. We are not all at the same point on the journey and there is nothing that makes someone want to quit like the lack of Grace. 



Everyone’s experience and contribution is valid, so we will fight to let their voice be heard and show empathy and compassion even if we do not agree with them. Compelled by the love of Jesus Christ we will suffer with, speak truth lovingly, and move into conflict and injustice for sake of others coming to know the reconciling power of Jesus Christ.



In a broken world of difficulties and divisions, the Spirit leads us to celebrate any places where the kingdom advances against the walls of racism. Things may be bad and they are certainly are not perfect but we seek to rejoice at the victories we can find and pray for the power to carry on through the defeats.