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Diverse team at RESET: Cultural Conversations at Woodcreek Church on Sunday, April 23.

Diverse team at RESET: Cultural Conversations at Woodcreek Church on Sunday, April 23.

Sunday, April 23rd, Threaded hosted a powerful panel discussion called RESET:Cultural Conversations at Woodcreek Church in Richardson, TX. The panel discussion, led by a diverse group of professionals, shared the collective vision to inspire relationships, reconciliation and collaborative action among the diverse Body of Christ by engaging in a conversation that challenges the church to engage the topic of racial division and injustice.

Woodcreek Adult Ministries Director, Scott Stonehouse, served as the moderator and [non-aggressively] accentuated any differences of opinion in hopes that the audience might think critically about gospel-centered reconciliation. He asked the panel a series of questions concerning implicit bias, privilege, systematic oppression and multi-ethnic narratives before using the last 30 minutes as a live Q/A session with the audience.

Panelists (left to right):

  • Mike Gavin, Project Hope volunteer
  • Deborah Hill, M.Ed., NCC, LPC-S, Nationally Certified Counselor and Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor and Project Hope director
  • Antwuan Malone, Threaded member, Ministry Director and Young Adult pastor of Elevate Young Adult Ministry
  • Amanda Giordano PhD, LPC, NCC, Author, speaker, counselor educator, and licensed professional counselor specializing in multicultural competence and diversity issues
  • Markus Lloyd, Director of External Focus at Woodcreek, Threaded member, Plano Regional Champion and Board Chairman of Unite Greater Dallas.

Each panelist brought a different angle to the conversation, but a single thread connected everything: Christ is the answer. The panel continually reminded us that the Church must respond to racial disunity and injustice differently than the world responds.

In the end, God created us with imagination and diverse creativity. This gift of diversity is meant to be celebrated as it ultimately creates a more complete picture of God. As Christians, when we see racial disunity, our response should be reconciliation. Paul reveals in 2 Corinthians that Christ reconciled himself to us and then imparted to us, his diverse creation, the message of reconciliation.

When Christians enter into conversations with racially diverse individuals with the love of Christ and the goal of reconciliation, we reflect a more accurate picture of the multi-cultural church in the kingdom of God.

It was a great conversation that tipped the iceberg of several important facets of an issue facing the church and our communities. Some left with more questions, other with some answers. But, we pray, all left having taken one step closer to a racially reconciled church body!

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